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BBC News: 多国签署新冠疫苗全球计划

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Hello, I'm David Harper with the BBC News.


More than 150 countries representing nearly two thirds of the global population have signed up to a global scheme for the common development of vaccines against COVID-19. The facility, known as COVAX, also aims to ensure poor countries' access to a future vaccine. The WHO's Director-General Dr. Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus said it was crucial that everyone had access to a potential vaccine.


"The COVAX facility will help to bring the pandemic under control, save lives, accelerate the economic recovery and ensure that the race for vaccines is a collaboration, not a contest. This is not charity. It's in every country's best interest. We sink or we swim together."


Pubs and restaurants in England are to be ordered to close early to control the spread of coronavirus. Prime Minister Boris Johnson is also expected to instruct people to work from home where possible. Helen Catt reports.


Against a backdrop of rising cases and now a raised COVID alert level, Downing Street says the prime minister will set out further ways in which the government plans to tackle the spread of coronavirus. Ministers do not want another full lockdown, but there will be some additional restrictions. From Thursday, all pubs, bars and hospitality venues in England will have to close by 10 p.m. They would also have to offer table service only by law. The cabinet will meet, the prime minister will then update the Parliament, where a number of his own MPS have voiced concern about the way in which restrictions are being imposed. It's understood senior backbenchers, along with the chancellor, pushed back against tougher measures suggested by the scientists.


The Democrat candidate for the US presidency, Joe Biden, has renewed his criticism of President Trump's handling of the coronavirus crisis. At a campaign event in Wisconsin, he said that the president panicked, froze and failed to act despite knowing how deadly the virus was. As the number of deaths in the US approaches 200.000. Mr. Biden said that Mr Trump's willful inaction have had devastating consequences.


"Due to Donald Trump's lies in confidence in the past six months have seen one of the gravest losses of American life in history. But sadly, it's not over. As awful as the past 180 days have been, the next 90 days could be twice as bad. We could be looking at between 178 and 200.000 lives lost. And all the president does is deliberately change the subject." Polls show that the president's handling of the pandemic has damaged his standing.


And Mr. Trump has said he will probably announce his nominee for the Supreme Court on Saturday, adding that five women are under consideration as a replacement for Ruth Bader Ginsburg.


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