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BBC听力 | 突尼斯总统选举投票开始

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BBC News. Hello, I'm Jerry Smit. Iran has dismissed a US accusation that it was responsible for two drone attacks that have drastically cut oil production in Saudi Arabia. With the details, here's Alan Johnston. The allegation that Iran was behind the Saudi attacks came from the US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo. He said the Iranians had struck at the world's energy supply. The foreign ministry in Tehran has described the accusation as meaningless. It suggested the Americans were trying to create a pretext paving the way for future action against Iran. Houthi rebels in Yemen say they launched the drones that targeted the Saudi facilities. The Houthis who are aligned with Iran say they were retaliating for years of Saudi airstrikes in Yemen.

BBC 新闻,大家好,我是杰瑞·施密特。美国指控伊朗对两起无人机袭击负责,这两起袭击大幅削减了沙特阿拉伯的石油产量,对此伊朗予以否认。请听艾伦·约翰斯顿的报道。美国国务卿迈克·蓬佩奥称伊朗是沙特袭击案的幕后黑手。他表示,伊朗袭击了“世界能源供应中心”。德黑兰外交部称这一指控毫无意义。伊朗外交部称,美国正试图制造一个借口,为未来对伊朗采取行动铺平道路。也门胡塞叛军称,他们发动了针对沙特设施的无人机袭击。伊朗支持的胡塞叛军表示,他们是在报复沙特多年来对也门的空袭。

Tunisians are voting in a presidential election brought forward following the death in July of President Beji Caid Essebsi. In the popular uprising of 2011, Tunisians gain democratic freedoms that are almost unprecedented in the Arab world. But unresolved economic problems and other social issues that brought about the revolts have been at the heart of the electoral campaign. Here is Youssef Taha. Sunday's election is the second free presidential polls in the 2011 uprising which sparked the Arab Spring. There are 26 candidates, including two women. If none of them wins a majority in the first round, the two with the most votes will go to a runoff. The winner will face a number of pressing issues ranging from security to corruption. In recent years, the country has suffered a number of attacks by Islamists. There have also been street protests over economic hardship and unemployment.


The Afghan Taliban say they're lifting a ban on the International Committee of the Red Cross and will now allow its staff to carry out humanitarian work safely. The Taliban imposed a ban in April. The ICRC has worked in Afghanistan for the last thirty years as a politically neutral force.


West African leaders have announced a one-billion dollar fund to fight the growing threat of Jihadis violence in the region. Presidents from the ECO west regional bloc said the money would help reenforce the military operations against groups linked to al-Qaida and Islamic State. Will Ross reports. The west African leaders met in the capital of Burkina Faso, Ouagadougou, because they're losing the war against the Jihadis. An additional one billion dollars could help, but the challenge they face is huge. The troops are under equipped and often poorly trained. The groups linked to al-Qaida and Islamic State are thought to have around two thousand mobile fighters operating across borders. In Mali and Burkina Faso, they're also stoking ethnic conflicts. At the security summit, the President of Niger Mahamadou Issoufou said the international community had a duty to offer more help, because he said it had caused the crisis in Libya, which in turn had led to the insecurity across the region. World news from the BBC.

西非领导人宣布设立一个10亿美元的基金,以对抗该地区圣战分子日益增长的暴力威胁。来自西部经合组织的多名总统表示,这笔资金将有助于加强对与基地组织和伊斯兰国有关联的组织的军事行动。以下是威尔·罗斯的报道。西非领导人在布基纳法索首都瓦加杜古会面,因为他们正在对抗圣战分子的战争中失利。新增的10亿美元基金可能会有所帮助,但他们面临的挑战是巨大的。军队部队装备不足,士兵也往往缺乏训练。据称,与基地组织和伊斯兰国有关联的组织有大约2000名流动武装分子越境行动。在马里和布基纳法索,他们也在煽动种族冲突。在安全峰会上,尼日尔总统马哈马杜·伊素福说,国际社会有责任提供更多的帮助,因为这导致了利比亚的危机,而利比亚的危机又导致了整个地区的不安全。BBC 国际新闻。